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"STILL Art" 07/2021 Introducing artists in residence - Tamara Rogovic and Carmen Rayavargas:

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Today I would like to introduce two very talented women. Tamara Rogovic and Carmen Rayavargas come from two different backgrounds but they will meet and work together along with other artists to create a unique exhibition. Find out more about them below.

To find out more about the exhibition go to:

Tamara Rogovic

Some of her recent collaborations are with Lauren Dixon - a project about Slavic and Celtic shared mythology and semiotics and year long series of projects and events exploring interface of art, science and space exploration as a part of Asteria Creatives (creative division of Asteria, space engineering group at the University of Edinburgh).

Her recent works include ongoing series of performances with Tosia Bargielowska Johnson - 'BRIDGE' juxtaposing ethnocultural diversities and'nomadic identities' (R. Braidotti 2011).


Carmen Rayavargas

Carmen paints with natural materials and pigments. She also works with unique textures and has recently started using visual video journeys through her paintings.


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