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"STILL Art" project's objective is to support people with talent and passion by giving them opportunities to create, develop and work to fulfill their goals and ambitions.
'STILL Art' unites artists, educators and volunteers with the aim of providing accessible, high quality events and artistic education for the community.
This project supports people of any background, on any stage of their career. 

About me
An independent dancer, choreographer, performer, artist, qualified dance teacher and fitness instructor based in Scotland. Born in Poland however spent some time of my life in the USA, Mexico and travelling across Europe. My degree is in cultural management/working with communities. From the age of 17 I was also involved in running a family business. I started dancing at the age of 20 still managing to establish a career as a dancer, teacher and a choreographer. In 2002-2017 I was lucky to learn from and work with Hanna Strzemiecka who was my first dance teacher, choreographer and mentor. After that I continued my education receiving guidance and support from Anna Zak as a member of Lublin University of Technology Contemporary Dance Group. In 2015 I completed a Choreography mentoring course with Iwona Olszowska in Cracow at "Hurtownia Ruchu" School. In my own work I combine dance and theater with visual arts often incorporating singing or vocal expressions. I focus on the introspective reflection and experience while my objective remains to communicate and connect with audiences.

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