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"STILL Art" 07/2021 Introducing artists in residence - Lindsay Boyd:

Lindsay Boyd

"My practice employs a range of media including sculpture, installation, collage, drawing and creative writing.

Graduating with an MFA from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012 I have exhibited widely and participated in a number of residencies both in Scotland and internationally, including at the

Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Cove Park, John David Mooney Foundation (Chicago) and most recently Hospitalfield, as part of the Interdisciplinary Residency Programme this summer.

Concerned with the notion of the façade and duality, my work plays reference to the theatrical set, scenic design processes and queer feminist narrative. Creating objects, images and texts that invoke unidentified narratives that serve to construct a fiction that connects them.

There is often a theatrical quality to these presentations, where installations feature drapery, blackout paint, groupings of props and backdrops. Resembling imaginary scenarios and objects that are shifted from their typical function. Some of these works operate on a smaller scale, with maquette and model making taking centre stage, in an attempt to plan out, reimagine and create new spaces to exist within, perform and inhabit.

The Collaborative Residency provides the opportunity to develop new

work with other artists working across a range of disciplines. It is hugely beneficial and leads to the development of my practice in new and unfamiliar ways. As well as providing the opportunity to exhibit/perform some of the new work produced.

I am particularly keen to work with writers and dance/theatre makers. During lockdown I was working to develop creative writing as part of my practice, and also have a keen interest in dance and theatre, as it often informs the work I make.

During lockdown I have been exploring the themes of nature, gesture and mimicry creating small scale collage works featuring plant/natural forms and hand gestures often cut from ideal living magazines. I have also been experimenting with fabric dyeing processes that could be used to create drapery, acting as props or backdrops for others to work with or respond to."

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