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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Even a small donation can make a huge difference!



Hi! My name is Joanna Marshall and I've started the "STILL Art" project to support people with talent and passion by giving them opportunities to create, develop and work to fulfil their goals and ambitions.

'STILL Art' unites artists, educators and volunteers with the aim of providing accessible, high quality events and artistic education for the community.

This project supports people of any background, on any stage of their career.

Like many others the art industry was decimated by the pandemic. I suffered as well, losing all my teaching and performing positions. So we're having to rebuild from the start. There's a lot of talent including artists, performers, teachers and background support people who find themselves without prospects and having to search for new sources of income. I decided to be proactive and help others.

So I'm aiming to create:

1. opportunities to develop talents and skills, accessible to the community,

2. space for artistic activity that connects with audiences and potential clients,

3. free community events, classes and workshops,

4. an emergency fund for freelance artists.

My first residency starts on 26th of July at St. Margaret's House, Edinburgh, involving 5 artists who'll be working courtesy of Edinburgh Palette.

This fundraiser is to raise funds to cover costs of equipment, supplies, fees, promotion, volunteering and risk control,etc.

We will be grateful for your donation because every contribution counts and makes a huge difference!

Keep in touch to receive news and invites to our events, classes and workshops.

*Please share with your friends :)

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